Test benches

Our functional test benches are developed and customized as per the specifications of each product. These automated and interactive tools ensure the proper functioning of all the electronic products we manufacture.

In-situ tests (mobile sensors)

Our in-situ testing system, or Flying Probe, is made up of four independent mobile sensors moving at high speed. These sensors carry out up to 750 tests per minute. The Flying Probe produces a main report on quality for SMT assembled parts.

Non-contact inspection

To complete our quality control, we carry out a 3D optical inspection inline using our Mirtec Omnivision 3D. With its 15- and 10-megapixel cameras, it allows us to ensure the precision of all parts, as well as the quality of the welded joints.

Complementary inspection techniques

Other analyses can be added if required: hardness tests, colorimetric tests, radio-frequency tests, microscopic inspections, or tests in a controlled environment.

Standards and certifications

IPC standards (Association Connecting Electronics Industries)

To guarantee the quality and reliability of our finished products, an IPC standard exists for each step in the assembly of electronic products. These standards ensure continuous improvement with respect to fabrication and the sustainability of the actions put in place.

ISO 9001:2015

This norm establishes guidelines related to a quality management system. It helps companies and organizations increase their efficiency and thereby increase their client’s satisfaction. It also aims to ensure that customers obtain products and services that are uniform and of good quality, in addition to ensuring good commercial returns.

Quality products, delivered on time at competitive prices

Our products are entirely designed, manufactured and assembled here in Quebec, following a rigorous quality assurance program that calls on higher than average standards. Our well-trained and experienced employees use next-generation testing devices for quality control.

Thanks to our laboratory and engineering department, our approach combines a complete testing plan according to the customer’s needs, such as destructive testing to ensure optimal follow-up. Systematic analysis of rejects enhances our leadership position by concretely supporting our approach to TOTAL QUALITY: getting it right first time, every time!

Tested 100%

Each electronic product we assemble is submitted to a nine-step verification process during the manufacturing cycle. Rigorous tests on all our products are carried out thanks to robotized technology, as well as to the expertise developed by our experienced staff. This means that we can safely say, at Synapse, each product has been tested 100%!